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US senators target Big Tech's digital advertising machine with new legislation

Google, Facebook's parent Meta, and Amazon could have to spin off chunks of their advertising businesses under Congress's latest bill targeting Big Tech, according to the US senators behind the proposal.

New York files discrimination complaint against Amazon

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a complaint on Wednesday against Amazon, alleging that the e-commerce giant has failed to provide reasonable accommodations to warehouse workers who are pregnant or with disabilities under state human rights law.

Boeing tries to catch up to SpaceX after plenty of drama

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company, a primary US defense contractor, and a titan of a global aviation duopoly. A few years ago, the idea that it would dominate commercial space was a given, and companies like SpaceX, a relatively young business relying on a strategy of moving fast and breaking things, would take a back seat to the move level-headed and experienced Boeing.

Boeing makes third attempt to launch its Starliner capsule to the ISS

Boeing will try yet again Thursday to send the capsule it designed to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station on a successful, uncrewed test mission. After two prior attempts to complete such a mission failed, Boeing's goal is to prove the spacecraft can dock with the orbiting outpost. It must succeed before it can move on to missions with people on board.

Social media platforms vowed to rein in extremism. Buffalo puts them to the test

In the wake of Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, Big Tech platforms scrambled to stop the spread of a video of the attack filmed by the suspect and a document allegedly also produced by him where he outlines his beliefs.

Tech platforms have struggled to address live shootings. New legislation could make it impossible

Tech platforms have struggled for years to stamp out videos of real-time massacres, such as those depicting the Christchurch shootings of 2019 and now a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, which police say was a racially motivated hate crime. But a new state law shows how the tech industry could soon be pressured to do less, not more, in how it polices even ultra-violent content.

New York Attorney General to investigate social media platforms after Buffalo shooting

New York Attorney General Letitia James is launching an investigation into the social media platforms allegedly used by the Buffalo shooting suspect.

Buffalo massacre puts spotlight on hate-filled website

On Saturday afternoon, an anonymous user on the online forum 4chan wrote, "just 20 mins ago I just witnessed a mass shooting at a tops supermarket live on twitch with like 20 other viewers."

Elon Musk's bumpy road to possibly owning Twitter: A timeline

A board seat accepted and then rejected. A stunning $44 billion takeover offer with uncertain financing. And a surprise early morning tweet putting the deal on hold, temporarily.

Following Buffalo shooting, 4chan shows how some platforms are accountable only to themselves

The mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, has put a spotlight on 4chan, a largely unmoderated site that has been the breeding ground for several tragedies and controversies over the years and appears to have played a role in inspiring Saturday's attack.

Deal or no deal, Elon Musk could upend Twitter's business for a long time

Nearly a month after Twitter agreed to sell itself to Elon Musk in a stunning $44 billion deal, the fate of the acquisition remains very much uncertain.

Twitch, a live-streaming giant, comes under scrutiny after Buffalo shooting

Twitch, the livestreaming giant popular among video gamers, has been thrust into the national spotlight after the suspect in the Buffalo grocery store mass shooting tried to broadcast the attack on the platform.

Texas asks Supreme Court to keep state social media censorship law in effect

The Supreme Court should allow a sweeping Texas law to remain in effect that restricts the ability of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to moderate their platforms, according to the state's attorney general.

China tries to make nice with Big Tech as economic challenges mount

China is trying once again to lift the spirits of its huge tech industry after a bruising regulatory offensive that has weakened some of its biggest businesses at a time of stalling economic growth.

SpaceX on pace to shatter US launch records. Again

SpaceX has been on a tear in 2022, notching 18 rocket launches and two astronaut splashdowns in just the first 130 days of the year an unprecedented pace for the company and the commercial launch industry.

Watch a space startup spin a projectile into the sky at more than 1,000 miles per hour

SpinLaunch, an ambitious startup that hopes to spin, rather than launch, satellites into orbit, released dizzying footage of a test flight that the company conducted out of New Mexico.

Elon Musk says Twitter deal can't happen until bot account dispute is resolved

Elon Musk escalated a public feud with Twitter's CEO early Tuesday, saying his acquisition of the social media company "cannot move forward" until he sees more information about the prevalence of spam accounts.

Twitter will now label and suppress misinformation surrounding armed conflict and other crises

Twitter will now apply warning labels to and cease recommending claims that outside experts have identified as misinformation during fast-moving times of crisis, the social media company said Thursday.

Twitter board says it will 'enforce the merger agreement' despite Elon Musk's latest move

Who wants to own Twitter? Maybe Elon Musk doesn't.

Apple delays plan for Bay Area workers to be in office three days a week

Apple notified corporate employees that it is delaying a requirement for most staffers to be in the office at least three days a week amid an increase in Covid-19 cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company is based.