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Effective SEO Writing Articles and Blogging

Every business or person with a business-related website should have a blog, or at least be engaging in article marketing to grow their business. In this article you will learn how to effectively write articles or blog posts to increase hits on your site and convert to sales. Following are some ideas as to how writing articles or blog posts will increase your SEO for your main site.

Write articles or posts that are relevant to your area of business. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is an extremely useful tool in creating relevant back-links to your site and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. (Article Directories are favored highly by search engines and feature highly in search results.) A good Bio attached with relevant links to sections of your site will encourage readers of your articles to click through to your site. You should also have a blog as part of your site or marketing campaign.

It is a very effective way of publishing relevant news on your business and encouraging return visitors with your constantly updated content. Regularly update posts or write regular articles. You need to be regularly updating your content on your blog with relevant and useful information so that Search Engines will continue to archive your site and feature you in their search results. If you have an RSS feed, people can subscribe to your blog and visit as it is updated. Writing articles regularly will keep you at the top of article directories and help with SEO and back-links through Search Engine Optimisation.

Submit your sites to Search Engines and Directories. Submit your blog to the major Search engines, such as Google, MSN, DMOZ, as well as blogging Search engines such as Technorati. They are free but can take some time to list your site so submit it early on. If your site is optimized, Search Engines such as Google should find your site eventually if there is not much competition. DMOZ requires manual submission.

Better yet get back-links to your site from our websites. Let Google, Yahoo and Msn find your site this way. You can typically get indexed faster than if you actually submit your site.

If you are going to promote your site with articles, you will also get back-links to your main site, so the search engines will references your site when it finds all the back-links. Article Marketing and having a blog on your site can be very effective as part of any Search Engine Optimisation for your business and website. Above I have listed three tools and instructions to make sure you perform these SEO techniques more effectively.

Learn for yourself the fasted and easiest way with "Search Engine Optimization Results the Organic Way" eBook.

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