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iPod Nano Shall We Take A Deeper Look

As always, in the age of "consumer first" economics, Apple leads the way. The iPod nano is following along behind the footsteps of the original iPod, as Apple's fourth digital player. The iPod nano came out the same day the iPod mini was discontinued - September 7, 2005 - but is known for having combined features of the iPod shuffle and the original iPod in its new development.

It only took nine months for the design development of the iPod nano to become effective, even though most media were aware it was coming. What they did not know was the iPod mini was being discontinued on that same day. Where the iPod Photo and Video versions capture the deeper pockets, and iPod Shuffle takes in the shallow pockets, iPod Nano catches those who find themselves in the middle.

Although its disk size isn't comparable to that of the iPod Photo or iPod Video, the iPod Nano does bring the tremendous features that makes the Apple iPod the industry leader. Picking up where the iPod Shuffle leaves off, the iPod Nano has a hard drive of 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB flash drives which holds up to 500 to 2,000 songs in a 128-Kbps AAC format, up to 25,000 iPod nano-viewable photographs, and stores data via the USB flash drive. The iPod shuffle brought a lower price with the ability to listen to favorite music, but was lacking in the user-friendly features. For instance, with the iPod shuffle there was no control over the song that is being played - it was completely random. With the iPod nano, there is all the control needed like the bigger iPod systems, but without the disk space. It is smaller in disk size than the larger versions, but the iPod nano brings a sleek look and fee, roughly as thick as an ink pen or pencil.

It is still slim and manageable like the iPod shuffle, so you can take it running or to the gym. The important thing to remember is that a person DOES have control over what they are listening to. The disadvantage of the iPod nano is much the same as that of the larger versions of the iPods - its durability. It can be taken to the gym or to run more than say the iPod Video or Photo, but does seem to fade out a little quicker than the iPod Shuffle.

This is a problem that all electronic devices seem to have, but the more expensive the device the less the consumers are willing to put up with faults and glitches.

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