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The search is on: small-business owners are clamoring to add search functions to their web sites. Should you join the hunt for one, too? - Net Profits THE IMPORTANCE OF QUICK, Accurate search results cannot be - underestimated, say market observers. A search tool on your Web site gives visitors the chance to find what they're looking for,

Monterey Gets Bold on Web Biz - Monterey Design Systems' eDolphin - Company Business and Marketing, Monterey Design Systems Inc. during the last six months has been more than willing to speak out whenever anyone wanted to talk about what's wrong with electronic design automation (EDA),
Students help small firms create web sites: Arizona: East Valley Institute of Technology,Gently guiding many small businesses in Mesa, Ariz., to advance technologically was the goal of Connecting Mesa,
Change of Address - choosing the right web hosting services for small business - Column, If your free Web site is holding you back, it's time to ramp up to your own .com domain
Bell turns to the channel: utility looking for 50 VARs to resell its network design, Internet, wireless and hosting services, An Ontario solution provider has signed a new partner to open up telephony markets: Ma Bell.

Stuck for Fathers Day gifts Findmeagift has the answer

Stuck for a Fathers Day gift idea. www.find-me-a-gift has the answer! We have over 1000 gift ideas for men women and children. When it comes to Fathers Day we have a fantastic selection of presents. Fathers Day is the time of year where you want to show your love to your dad for all the nice things he does, so here are a list of products that will help get you in the good books. USB Cup Warmer and Mug Warmer with 4 USB Ports We've all been there.

You've just brewed yourself a steaming cup of liquid Loveliness, you get back to your desk to a flurry of urgent emails and by the time you've averted all manner of minor disasters like the superhuman workhorse that you are, your cup of steaming refreshment is stone cold.

uk/gifts-for-men/work-gift/usb-cup-warmer-and-mug-warmer-with-4-usb-ports.html Become a Lord ? Make your dad a Lord this Fathers Day. Become a Lord (Laird) or Lady when you buy this gift and be the owner of a plot of land on the Kincavel Estate in Sonachan, Scotland, and have legal usage of the title "Laird" (meaning "land owner"). Laird is a title that can be used by men or women but the commonly accepted equivalent for women is "Lady". Swear Box - Dad its time to pay the price for your bad language! Swearing has become second nature to some people, and occasionally comes up inappropriately in conversation. However, now we have a way to help you stop $*&#ing swearing! It's also a good way to make some money out of your dad this Fathers Day.

html Sudoku Cube - Check your dads brain is still in tact this Fathers Day! Nothing has hit the puzzle world this hard since Rubik's Cube in the 80's? Sudoku is everywhere in plague proportions and we're about to make it even more crazy with the Sudokube! Arse Face Soap ? Essential for any Dad this Fathers Day How Many times have you found your dad using your favourite shower gel? Arse Face Soap is a hilarious bar of soap that's sure to add some fun to your bathroom? Arse Face Soap is a generous size with a fresh scent; clearly stating which side of the soap should be hygienically used for certain areas of your body! CD Wall Tiles ? Has your dad got his old favourites on CD then these are an ideal fathers day gift.

These brilliant and unique CD Wall Tiles are an excellent way to show your love for music and display your favourite CDs on the wall. Each box contains everything you need to create your own personal layout - configure the 9 individual CD Wall Tiles however you like!. The CD Wall Tiles are easy to install and there is no tools needed, simple to extend and quick to remove without damaging your walls. http://www.find-me-a-gift. Homersapien Homersapien 1ST IN THE UK TO OFFER THIS PRODUCT! Homersapien just loves dressing up as Homer Simpson! Watch as he says 'Doh!' and other Homer Simpson phrases. Equipped with Krusty burger cup use the controller to make Homersapien pick-up, throw or even kick it!

uk/homersapien.html Life Coach in a Box ? Is your dad close to a mid life crisis then buy him this kit for Fathers Day Long-time life coach and trans-personal psychologist, Carol Stanton, offers inspirational, motivational, and practical advice in this kit, which includes a life coach deck and companion journal. The easy-to-navigate, direct, and user-friendly material is aimed at helping people achieve successes and emotional growth in life's key areas of spirituality, work, relationships, finances, recreation, and health.

Each card in the deck contains a theme, a coaching step, and suggested activities and is used in conjunction with the journal. It's a perfect complement to those already using a life coach or great on its own.

uk/life-coach-in-a-box.html The Amazing Dog Trick Kit The Amazing Dog Trick Kit Sit! Roll over! This handy kit takes the mystery out of teaching Fido how to be a first-rate performer. An easy-to-follow manual guides owners through fifteen spectacular tricks. The kit also includes a flying disc, professional training clicker, a bell used for special tricks, and even a bone-shaped biscuit cutter for making delicious doggy treats (Recipes included!). If you would like to look at our full range of Fathers Day gifts please click on the link below.

uk If you have left buying your fathers day gifts to the last minute dont worry we have an express delivery order by 3.30pm and we will dispatch your fathers day gifts the same day. Some more great ideas from www.find-me-a-gift. If you have any queries or comments please email me

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