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Who was it that Invented Electricity

Electricity is a naturally occurring form of energy found in nature, and human beings did not invent it. Natural forms of electricity are found in lightning and in all electro-chemical impulses within living beings. For instance, the heartbeat is controlled by a micro-impulse of electricity. All forms of thought are electro-chemical impulses traveling within the neural network in the brain. Human beings only 'discovered' the existence of electricity and found ways and means of using it for constructive purposes. Westerners seemed to know around 600 B.

C that amber can be charged with static electricity by rubbing it. But it was not until William Gilbert, the father of modern electricity appeared on the scene in 1600 A.D that much progress was made. He discovered the electrical properties of many substances, and it was he who coined the term 'electricity' from the Greek word for amber. While advances by early pioneers were mainly experimental in nature, Henry Cavendish and Charles Coulomb began quantifying the results through mathematical equations. By the mid 1700's a crude form of battery was invented.

This enabled to standardize all forms of electrical experiments. Later Ohm and Kirchhoff used batteries to power various electric circuits and discovered the Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Law of electric currents respectively. It was Hans Christian Oersted who discovered that a wire carrying an electric current was surrounded by a magnetic field.

D.F. Arago developed on it and invented the electro-magnet.

André Marie Ampère developed mathematical equations for electromagnetic laws. Michael Faraday invented the electric motor as well as the generator. Within half a century, engineers were able to construct power plants that could supply electricity to the consumer. All of these inventors and other unnamed ones contributed towards the discovery of the laws of electricity and electromagnetism and invented ingenious means of using it for the benefit of mankind.

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